Purnell Energy Services


Choosing a Path for a Better Future

We meticulously plan our projects and activities to mitigate their environmental impact throughout both the construction and operation phases. To uphold this commitment, we adhere to the following principles:

  • Projects with potential environmental impacts undergo a thorough environmental assessment, involving consultation with relevant communities.
  • All personnel must comply with permits, approvals, and regulations outlined in The Land Surface Conservation and Reclamation Act, The Public Lands Act, The Water Resources Act, and any other pertinent legislation, regulations, or by-laws.
  • Regular reviews of industry and company practices and procedures are conducted, considering their environmental impact.
  • We implement preventive measures to minimize the quantity and severity of hazardous waste resulting from our operations. Continuous efforts are made to prevent and control forest fires, soil erosion, and air, noise, and water pollution.
  • Whenever feasible, we prioritize recycling and advocate for the use of recycled or responsibly sourced products.


Environmental protection is not solely a regulatory responsibility; it is a moral imperative. At Purnell Energy Services, we aspire to be an industry leader by developing proactive and forward-thinking strategies, ensuring that each of our activities is conducted in an environmentally responsible manner.