Purnell Energy Services


State-of-the-Art Accuracy

In the construction realm, the saying goes: “Measure twice and cut once.” At Purnell Energy Services, we advocate for going above and beyond – why not measure even more than that?

We deploy our scanners early in the process to gather essential data, ensuring an excellent final product from the outset. Our 3D scanning technology precisely measures distances multiple times per second, ensuring extreme accuracy. It calibrates to provide a detailed 3D image that our drafters use as a foundation. Employing these measurements within a native CADWorx model, our team drafts and generates fabrication-quality isometrics. This enables the fabrication, painting, and testing of every spool and structural assembly on-site in our facility before the commencement of any on-site construction. This approach minimizes the time and workforce needed on-site, streamlining logistics and ensuring consistent high quality while mitigating risks associated with on-site construction.